Rob Nowill

Managing Editor, Hypebeast

“A great deal of PR companies make grand statements about their own place within culture: by and large, they tend to be baseless. To me, what separates Raven is that they are not trying to 'get' the moment - they’re working with brands who are already defining it. I have always found them to have a rare intuition for which direction the cultural conversation is going, based on authentic and genuine relationships with people in their sphere. That shouldn't be unusual, but it is.”

Lulu Kennedy MBE

Founder & Director, Fashion East

“No one comes close - the care, consistency, cleverness, craft, and actual cut-the-crap, get-on-with-it energy of this team is truly unique. Thank you for having our back always, and going the extra million miles.”

Sarah Leon

Founder, Keep Agency

“Working with the team at Raven has always been a pleasure thanks to their impeccable creative eye and seamless management skills. With excellence running through everything they work on, they’re leaders in their field.”

Richard Malone

“My family at Raven have been exceptional since the very beginning. Their overwhelming personal and professional support and encouragement has no doubt shaped my brand, and communicated my core ideals in the wider fashion and art space. Raven are the only agency I’ve come across in London who are truly in tune with our need for change; a complete re-think of the archaic structures fashion has worked to. The female-owned-and-operated business they’ve created from scratch is constantly adjusting its models to fit the needs of an ever-changing landscape. Raven understand the need for honest expression, and are the most adaptable team I’ve ever worked with. I truly believe their ability to select and nurture the very best and most necessary talent is leading a change in our industry. Everything they do and all that they work on reflects the courage, love, bravery, versatility and excellence I have come to expect from this team. I am lucky to have a found such a family, and continue to be amazed and enamoured by their work.”

Lucy Willis


“The Raven team is able to seamlessly flex between nurturing young talent and advising industry leaders – it’s a powerful and symbiotic place to be – and a niche they have been quick to make their own. We look to Raven for their thoughtful strategies and insights; intuitive creative thinking – and of course impeccable contacts across the glorious old school and fast-moving new world of media and talent comms.”

Sarah Mower

“Trust matters. Over the past decade, all too many PR companies have based their methods on cajoling the press, whether to place stories or to try to control the content and tone of what is written about a client; a kind of ‘representation’ which only ever created antagonism on the receiving end. Raven comes from the opposite direction, coming from a place of emotional intelligence as well as brains - an agency which views its role as enabling clients while forming honest, respectful and long-lasting relationships with press. Having known Sophie Jewes for some years, I’ve come to see how her own role is sparked by creativity and a great deal of insight into what makes fashion and society tick. I find Raven’s service as a committed supporter and guide to emerging talent to be unique, and I have observed many clients thrive under her wing. Responsible, responsive, discreet and funny, she is also an excellent writer. One can always tell the difference between her succinct, informative and flowing writing and, well, the rest.”

Sharmadean Reid MBE

Founder, Beautystack

"Sophie and her team have consistently delivered on quality press for me for years, and understand our company mission completely. Their connections and knowledge of the industry is unrivalled."

Charlotte Clark

Director, Inca Productions

“Raven are, quite simply, one of the best-connected and most proactive companies we know. They are solution-finding and innovative - they make the seemingly impossible happen, and are a joy to work with.”

Gareth Pugh
& Carson McColl

“Raven are unequivocally the most fierce and formidable allies that any designer could have in their corner. It's remarkable, and it speaks to how skilled they are as a team that they are able to stage events like the Fashion Awards, but also maintain their zero-bullshit approach and grassroots credibility, fiercely guarding a line up of radical creative talent. It also speaks to their character that despite their achievements and their standing in the industry, Sophie and Yasmin have steadfastly refused to take their place among the ranks of the establishment, preferring instead to champion the underdogs and the outsiders; taking the view that fashion is not only an industry, but a vital cultural force. They’re the real McCoy and their work is a celebration of London at its most authentic.”