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Uncompromising clothes are our first love. Genuine passion for creativity powers our work. 

“The RAVEN team is able to seamlessly flex between nurturing young talent and advising industry leaders – it’s a powerful and symbiotic place to be – and a niche they have been quick to make their own.”

Lucy Willis; Head Of PR, Selfridges

We unlock our partners‚ potential to define the now.

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RAVEN is a talent-first brand-building agency offering full-service representation and consultancy across Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment and The Arts. We started out in 2019 with a roster of real friends and fierce allies, and that ‘family-first’ spirit continues to define us as we build our business.

We believe we offer the best, most interesting and intuitive Communications service in London. We also believe our edit stands for something; That to be represented by RAVEN says something distinct to the industry. Our work and our roster are typified by vibrancy, world-class storytelling and real cultural clout.

“No one comes close - the care, consistency, cleverness, craft, and actual cut-the-crap, get-on-with-it energy of this team is truly unique.”

Lulu Kennedy
RAVEN comes from a place of emotional intelligence as well as brains - an agency which views its role as enabling clients while forming honest, respectful and long-lasting relationships with press. 
RAVEN comes from a place of emotional intelligence as well as brains - an agency which views its role as enabling clients while forming honest, respectful and long-lasting relationships with press. 
Sarah Mower
We‚re writers.
As publicists, we
think like editors -
and we‚re fierce
believers in the
primacy of language.

“Trust matters. Over the past decade, all too many PR companies have based their methods on cajoling the press; a kind of ‘representation’ which only ever created antagonism on the receiving end. RAVEN comes from the opposite direction, coming from a place of emotional intelligence as well as brains - an agency which views its role as enabling clients while forming honest, respectful and long-lasting relationships with press.”

Sarah Mower

We deliver the flagship events for cultural institutions, luxury fashion houses, retailers and beauty brands.

Talent and Community-building is our agency's lifeblood; Events and activations, both on and offline, are our passion. We’re in the business of designing, producing and executing moments. We're uniquely experienced in the Events space, and our Entertainment Marketing offering – connecting brands to the right audiences – is second-to-none.

We‚re the team behind the best events in London.

“RAVEN are, quite simply, one of the best-connected and most proactive companies we know. They are solution-finding and innovative - they make the seemingly impossible happen, and are a joy to work with.”

Charlotte Clark, Inca

We‚re synonymous with the energy and spirit of young London.

We uniquely protect, incubate and advance young talent. Beyond our designers and brand partners, London's creative class are our family.


“A great deal of PR companies make grand statements about their own place within culture: by and large, they tend to be baseless. To me, what separates RAVEN is that they're not trying to 'get' the moment - they're working with brands who are already defining it.”

Rob Nowill, Editorial Director, Mr Porter

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editorial campaigns

We represent and partner with retail powerhouses.

“In a fashion industry full of noise, there’s nothing more valuable than an agency which grasps the nuances of each publication, brand and talent. RAVEN knows what to pitch and when to pitch it, allowing their brands and journalists to tell the most compelling stories possible.

The team are responsive, decisive, honest, hyper-efficient and crucially, fun to work with. Whether it’s coordinating a CEO interview, news or planning an event - they never miss!”

Lucy Maguire; Trend Editor, Vogue Business

Our team are uniquely experienced across the retail landscape - having worked in-house for, or in partnership with, almost every multi-brand retailer of note in the industry.

We embrace change.

We recognise the faults and failings of our industry, just as keenly as we uphold belief in fashion’s role in culture. We embrace change: the proximity we have to pioneers and true fashion revolutionaries has afforded us that. With a roster of British brands and independent talents which represent the very best in craftsmanship and storytelling, we're at the coalface of fashion's future.

Richard Malone

“My family at RAVEN have been exceptional since the very beginning.

Their overwhelming personal and professional support and encouragement has no doubt shaped my brand, and communicated my core ideals in the wider fashion and art space.”

“RAVEN are the only agency I've come across in London who are truly in tune with our need for change

a complete re-think of the archaic structures fashion has worked to. The female-owned-and-operated business they've created from scratch is constantly adjusting its models to fit the needs of an ever-changing landscape.”

“RAVEN understand the need for honest expression, and are the most adaptable team I've ever worked with.

I truly believe their ability to select and nurture the very best and most necessary talent is leading a change in our industry. Everything they do and all that they work on reflects the courage, love, bravery, versatility and excellence I have come to expect from this team.

I am lucky to have a found such a family, and continue to be amazed and enamoured by their work.”

Cause time will bid and make us rise...  Cause time will bid and make us rise... 
...Make ravens of us all.  ...Make ravens of us all.  ...Make ravens of us all. ...Make ravens of us all. 
Patti Smith, 1996.  Patti Smith, 1996.  Patti Smith, 1996.